director Tony Spataro, Movie Director for the Motion Pictures Production Company TNT Films... Tony Spataro is makine a huge impact in today's film industry.


Movie Director for the Motion Pictures Production CompanyTNTFilm...


T o n y   S p a t a r o








TNT Productions
New York, USA
(+1) 425 920 9892
Rome, Italy
(+39) 329 422 9250


                  Tsunami Project


Directing and Producing the full-length feature film     Sample Storyboards
Title:  "The Wife Who Ran Away" 

Directed the motion picture "STALKER"  

Produced the Music Video for Artist Il Caesar 
Title:  "Calma" 

Directed the Music Video for Artist Elias Muri. 
Title:  "Falling Down" 

Produced the Music Video for Artist Morten Abel.
Title:  "Don't Forget To Dance" 

Directed and Produced the Music Videos for Artist "skOOm". 
Title:  "Tremors"  Title:  "I Was" 

A. Producer for the full-length Feature Film.

Title:  "Future Murder" 

Directed and Produced the full-length feature film
Title:  "Pierced Heart" 

Directed and edited a commercial for Sharp Corporation        Click video ------------>
Product:  "Sharp Vision" 

Edited the Music Video for Artist Voo Doo Beats.

Title:  "Bring Me Closer" 

Edited a 35mm short film for cinema.
Title:   "Livet Er Mer Enn Elg I Solnedgang" 

Directed the 1st episode of the Documentary Series 
Title:  "World A Stage" 

Directed the documentary of Old Los Angeles
Title:  "Angel's Flight"

Directed and edited a commercial for Nike Corporation
Product:   "All Sport Shoes" 

Directed and edited a corporate commercial for Motorola
Product:  Cellular, Pagers, Satellite Communication 

Produced an interactive CD-ROM for Michael Jackson Thriller Video
Title:  "Thriller"  (Music Video) 

Produced an interactive, multi-scenario CD-ROM game containing live action video

Title:  "Wheel Of Fantasy" 

Directed and edited many corporate videos for Arthur Anderson Inc.
Title:  "CEO's Talk" 

Edited, digitized, compressed video for The Tuesday Group
A Multimedia Gold Medal winner 1994
Product:  "DMI Interactive Gallery" 

Designed 3-D graphics for MTV Corporation
Product:  "Planet Earth" 

Scored two documentaries for the Discovery Channel
Title:  "The Black Hole",   "Hawaii's Volcanoes"

Music Mixed & Engineered Recording Artists including: 

Robert Palmer
Natalie Cole
Jody Watley
Belinda Carlisle
Smokey Robinson 


35 mm Motion Film Workspace
Complete digital film/video and audio studio
Multi-track and MIDI recording and mixing capability
Digitizing and non-linear editing of film, video, and audio (Media 100, Avid, Digi-design Pro-Tools, etc.)
Can deliver 90% of all formats (Digital, Film, NTSC & PAL Video, etc.)
3-D graphics and animation available at a motion film and broadcast level 



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